Remodel and Rehab, Our Buyer's Story

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Demo day fun.  

Our homeowners waited fifteen months to get into their new home.  During that time there was a lot of planning, drawing, hiring, etc.  

You can only imagine the excitement for demo day!  So why not share that excitement, the Facebook post went out and friends, family and even a couple of realtors showed up!  





So could anything go wrong?  In doing a renovation, you have to be prepared.  But when you do not have access to your home on a daily basis some things could go wrong, here is what our homeowners experienced:

1.  One of the first things we uncovered in the kitchen were base cabinets hiding a

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Part Four.

Our buyers had a vision of taking an older home that needed some love, rehabbing that home, and turning it into a beautiful family home.  In previous blogs, they have taken you through the steps of how the vision starts, what compromises buyers must make to allow for their dream to come true and how to put it all into place.  Now the good stuff, below are the plans for the rehabbed home.


And while the buyers are naturally inclined to gravitate toward the interior of a building first, curb appeal cannot be overlooked.  After our buyers took into account the site orientation, daylight access, and plant health on the existing site, they came up with the following site plan:


Next up, demo day.

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Part Three.

When we first saw the house, the house was occupied by five smelly, dirty, hippie boys, so it was tough to see the potential.  The rent was far below market value, it was difficult to wrap our brains around continuing the lease for another 16 months.  The space was so cluttered, it was hard to see the walls and windows, let alone how much of a money pit it could be.  Extreme "vision" was required!  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for you, though, we don't have any photos of the space while it was occupied by the tenants.  To give you a good overview of the layout, we do have a video of a much cleaner version of the property, narrated by my lovely wife!

Determining what we'd like to do with the space required diligent scientific

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Part Two.

We reached out to our buyers and asked a few questions about their motivation, what they were looking for in a home, any compromises along the way. We also inquired about the design process, picking a contractor and pulling permits and of course the plan.

"We were looking for a place to expand our family, where our dogs could get a little bit of green space and where we could leave our mark.  We wanted a bungalow style home with a big front porch, open concept floor plan, historic details, close to green space, and within 5 miles of downtown.  Also wanted a detached garage to build an Au Pair apartment, and environmentally-friendly upgrades. Simply put, we wanted a LOT on a budget that could definitely not support the dream.


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Part One.

How many of us watch those cable channels specifically geared to make us feel that anything is possible with remodeling or rehabbing a home?  We were privileged to meet and help a couple who dreamed of taking this type of journey.  Even better they are willing to share with us some of their trials and tribulations with the process.  In the next few months we will be sharing their story.

We met Kelsey and Meghan at an open house almost a year and half ago.  At that time they had started the process of looking for a property they could call home.  They knew what they were looking for might be hard to find and wanted to give themselves enough time to find just the right home.  After seeing many homes both physically and virtually, they

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