Finding a Denver Rental Through a Realtor...A Strange Concept or Winning Decision?

Posted by Ryan Belinak on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 at 4:26pm.


In many large cities, renters will not even begin the daunting task of finding a rental property without first seeking the advice and services of a real estate broker.  Limited inventory, lack of neighborhood knowledge, lack of time to search and avoidance of rental scams are just a few of the reasons why many renters choose to seek the help of a real estate professional during the rental process.

For a long time, the Denver rental market was fairly easy to navigate.  A couple of quick phone calls, an internet search and an apartment magazine were all the tools that one needed to find their rental abode.  However, times have changed.  With Denver's increasing population and rising rental and sales prices, many renters have found the process challenging, frustrating, and (due to the emergence of rental scams) costly.  As a result, many renters are starting to turn to realtors not only to seek their expertise in the market, but also to seek some comfort and protection against shady landlords, scam artists and false advertisements.

Additionally, many renters choose to work with realtors because the bridge between renting and homeownership can often be an exploratory and lengthy process. Many renters use the rental process merely as a time to explore neighborhoods, get a sense for what their real estate dollars can buy them, and to save for down payments and closing costs.  Working with a realtor to find and solidify a rental property can often be a time to build a personal and trusting relationship with a real estate professional that can then assist in future real estate transactions, and who can become a guide and coach in planning for a long term investment strategy.

Unfortunately, few Denver real estate companies offer rental services as the process can often be time consuming and produce insignificant financial gains.  As a result, many renters relocating from large cities with the realtor/renter system already in place are being turned away from most Denver realty companies.

With an understanding of the changing Denver rental/real estate landscape, Live Urban Real Estate is proud to be launching a rental division that helps tenants find rental placement, helps landlords locate qualified tenants, and that assists investors in locating rental properties in Denver's hottest neighborhoods.  The team is dedicated to provide exemplary service in any real estate transaction, whether it be leasing or purchasing.  Live Urban Leasing is composed of agents with years of leasing and sales experience who provide seamless transactions and memorable experiences that carry over into a lifelong relationship.

For many, employing a realtor to help with a rental transaction will still remain a foreign concept.  However, for those seeking savvy, professional and caring assistance from a real estate professional, Live Urban Real Estate is here to help!  For more information about how the Live Urban Leasing Team can help you....visit!

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