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As the head of LIve Urban's soon-to-be rental division, I have become versed in the woes and frustrations of rental clients who are trying to successfully navigate Denver's crazy rental waters.  With low, quickly moving inventory and rising rental rates, many renters feel helpless in this market. Having been a property manager myself, I know what it is like to be on both sides of a leasing transaction.  So, I would like to take a moment to outline some tips and techniques that have helped my rental clients win when competing with other renters who are actively searching for the same rental home.

Do Your Homework

Gone are the days when you can sit at your computer, type in "rentals" in a search engine, and have dozens of wonderful options pop up

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This exceptional and affordable row home in LoHi will not last!    Exposed brick walls, beautiful hardwood flooring and an expansive and updated kitchen add to the appeal and functionality of this inviting gem. The open layout in the living room and dining areas create a perfect gathering place for entertaining and relaxation, while high ceilings and a light-filled skylight create an airy and open feeling throughout the home.   A tiered back yard area provides a blank canvas in which an urban oasis can be created for the lucky owner.   The 1008 square foot floor plan includes two spacious bedrooms, elegant living and dining rooms, an airy bathroom, and a large/updated kitchen .  An additional sunroom/laundry room can be found off of the…
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Let's face it, once buyers have made it successfully through the sales process in this market, many feel as if they have slayed Goliath, defeated Hercules, and successfully completed three consecutive Iron Man Competitions!  Aside from rejoicing and doing back flips at the closing table, buyers can now begin planning one heck of a housewarming party to celebrate.  In order to ensure that these home buying champions can both host and enjoy a memorable celebration, here are some make ahead, big batch cocktail recipes that will delight tastebuds, please crowds, and allow our victorious friends to get out from behind the bar and relax in their new homes!

1. Sparkling Peach Sangria


  • 5 Fresh Peaches
  • 6 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme
  • 1
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I recently had the pleasure of taking a  new client out to look at homes for his first home purchase. Bright eyed and full of excitement, we embarked on an exciting quest for the perfect home.  Although all of the homes that we viewed had exceptional qualities, some stood out more than others.  In particular, one home's impression lingers in both of our minds not for its unmistakable charm, but rather for the overpowering color palette used within the home. Purple polka dot wallpaper, blue zebra print patterns and a yellow ceiling smacked us both square in the face when we opened the door to (what seemed like) a charming, historic bungalow. Understanding that homeowners should be able to express their unique styles within their homes, I do believe that

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It is no secret that Denver’s real estate market is red hot. Limited availability and rising home prices continue to put Denver’s real estate statistics on the front page of national blogs and economic publications. Although many are timid to test their buying power in this market, real estate professionals will argue that there has never been a better time to invest. In order to be a successful buyer, you need to know exactly what you want, and what is available to you and your budget! Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge that you have in this market, the more likely you are to succeed.

This blog will be the first of many that will be comparing and contrasting what kind of real estate investment your money can buy you in Denver’s market. I will

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As a Realtor, the thought of living without a car is a bit frightening.  Although I love my clients, the thought of me towing them around Denver neighborhoods in a "pedicab" just is not going to happen (I love you all, but not going to happen!) 

However, there are a growing number of Denverites who are throwing caution to the wind, selling their automobiles, purchasing bicycles and enrolling in car share programs.   For those only relying on a vehicle to make weekly runs to the grocery store, doctor appointments or lunch dates, a car share program provides an economical and environmentally sound transportation option.  

With yearly membership prices ranging between $25 to  $100,  and average hourly rates between $2 and $9, these programs also

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Let's face it, one of the most important questions to consider when relocating is how well our "fur babies" will adjust to their new surroundings.

Although man caves, storage space and dream kitchens are the top of our search criteria, Fido's grassy sanctuary and morning walk route are equally important factors.  

Fortunately for us, Denver is a location that caters to family members that walk on both two and four legs!  With a plethora of dog friendly hotels, restaurants, specialty bake shops and dog parks, four legged friends are abundantly welcome in the Mile High City.

As 2015 builds momentum, pet owners and pet advocates can look forward to some exciting events and opportunities to showcase and support their furry friends.  Here are a few

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1800 Larimer Development (Denver Infill Photo)

It is no secret that Denver is expanding and growing  at a remarkable rate.  A trip to Denver's Downtown Neighborhood will reveal a skyline dotted with steel beams, construction workers, and cranes as far as one can see.  However, with this much new development it is hard to know exactly what is being built within this area.  Fortunately, the Downtown Denver Partnership and Hensel Phelps Construction recently released a very insightful new construction map and downtown development analysis which helps to summarize the development activity.

According to this powerful overview, there is currently nearly $800 million in projects under construction in or around Downtown.  The mix of new residential dwellings, hotel accommodations, retail space and office

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I recently had the privilege of previewing several properties in Denver's Highlands neighborhood with two additional Live Urban agents.  The homes ranged in price from $516,000 to $624,000 and although most showed quite well, tiny details had been overlooked in each home.  From outdated (and incorrectly priced) marketing materials, to chipped paint and out of season candies, each home left behind a small sign that the owners and listing agent(s) had overlooked specific and notable details.

We have all heard that Denver’s real estate market is particularly hot right now.  With low inventory numbers and rising home prices, realtors around the city are shamelessly asking potential sellers for new listings.  Understanding this dynamic, it is important to

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